Best Tram To Take To Amsterdam Sites

Best Tram To Take To Amsterdam Sites

While you can get to almost everything in Amsterdam by Tram, there are a few places that trams don’t serve. Both Amsterdam Arena & Amsterdam RAI Convention Center are easily reached by Metro as opposed to Trams. For most of the other sites and attractions in Amsterdam, you can probably use a tram to get there.

However you can’t use the same tram to get everywhere. And there are 14 Tram Lines to choose from, and they are not numbered 1-14. Different Tram lines serve different areas of the city, hence different sites and tourist attractions are served by different trams. Depending where you are and where you want to go, you may need to switch trams, but rarely would you ever need to make more than one change. If you do need to make a change, at most stops you can simply get off, stand there, and wait for the tram you need.

Be aware that there are some stops that are served by 2 pairs of stations. So you may get off one tram at a station, and then need to walk to another station with the same or sometimes different name. For example, there are two sets of both Dam and Spui Tram Stations. If you need to make a change at Dam or Spui, be sure you are at the correct Dam Station for the next tram you need. It’s possible you need to go to the other Dam station to catch the tram you need.

Notice how Tram 24 and Tram 1 both have Dam & Spui stops on their lines in the map below. They are not the same station, and are separated by a few blocks.

Amsterdam Dam & Spui Station Locations
Amsterdam Dam & Spui Station Locations

Another confusing area for tourists is the Weteringcircuit station complex. Weteringcircuit serves both Tram 24 on a North/South Line, and Tram 7 & Tram 10 on an East/West line. If you get off Tram 24 and want to get on Tram 7 or 10, you need to walk to the platform/station that serves the Tram 7 & Tram 10 lines. You cannot just stand where you got off Tram 24 and hope to ever get on Tram 7 or Tram 10.

Amsterdam Weteringcircuit Station
Amsterdam Weteringcircuit Station

With all that in mind, and it is rare you have double stations like mentioned above, here is a list of which tram line serves which Amsterdam tourist sites & attractions. You can click on the link of any Tram line or Metro Line and you will be shown a map of that line’s route. You can also find timetables for all trains and metro trains on their respective pages.

Which Tram to take to Amsterdam Tourist Attractions?

Dam SquareTram 4, Tram 9, Tram 24

Spui & Flower Market Tram 4, Tram 9, Tram 14, Tram 24

Anne Frank HuisTram 13, Tram 14, Tram 17

Rijksmuseum & Van Gogh MuseumTram 2, Tram 5

Red Light District – No tram enters Red Light District. Amsterdam Centraal Station & Dam Square are closest Tram Stations.

Heineken FactoryTram 24

Albert Cuyp Market Tram 4, Tram 24

LeidsepleinTram 1, Tram 2, Tram 5,. Tram 7, Tram 10

RembrandtpleinTram 4, Tram 9, Tram 14

The 9 Streets
Tram 1, Tram 2, Tram 5, Tram 13, Tram 14, Tram 17

Bridge of 15 BridgesTram 4, Tram 24

The Skinny BridgeTram 4, Tram 14

Amsterdam RAI Convention CenterAmsterdam Metro Line 51

Amsterdam Arena Amsterdam Metro Line 54

Concertgebouw Tram 5, Tram 2 (short walk)