Amsterdam GVB Tram 17 Map – Lijn 17 -2019

Amsterdam Tram 17 Map – GVB Lijn 17 Lijnkaart – 2019

Amsterdam Tram 17 – Tram 17 is a lot like Tram 13 as it winds its way from Centraal Station to Elandsgracht. It then takes a slightly more southern route than Tram 13. Like Tram 13, Tram 17 is mostly good for its connection from Centraal Station to Anne Frank Huis.

Sites: Centraal Station, Anne Frank Huis

Comments: Very similar to Tram 13. If you are wanting to go to Anne Frank Huis to or from Centraal Station jump on Tram 17 or Tram 13. Get off both at Elandsgracht unless you have a need to see the suburbs.

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Print or View – Amsterdam Tram 17 Timetable Schedule Lijnkaart 2019
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Below you find the complete Amsterdam Tram Line 17 Map


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