Kemphaan is the perfect place to spend an entire morning or an entire day, with grown-ups and particularly kids. Saturday morning is the organic market and you can purchase your bio basic supplies there or appreciate a pleasant crisp squeezed orange juice with genuine apple cake. You can likewise go around and see the gorillas that meander by the lake, or sit at the eatery and nosh some food. The space is impeccable to walk and there is even a labyrinth and a lot of creatures to see. Additionally in the zone there is an experience stop for the entire family with ziplines for all ages. All things considered, is a great place to be and spend some unwinding hours!



The recreation center has a little area where Stitching AAP house some monkeys, a few Macaques and Baboons. These are all rescue monkeys and I trust the vast majority of the creatures they safeguard are kept out of the public eye as they receive treatment.   Yet they always have several primates available for general society the public to view.


Stitching App


Stichting AAP gives sanctuary to primates of any sort. AAP is situated at ‘De Kemphaan’ and you can openly meander around the little open zone to see a few primates in their play territory. Only a couple steps away is an eatery, a natural shop and a little “petting zoo” for kids and the zone offers choices for simply walking around and appreciate a decent sunny walk.


Stichting Aap salvages and. where conceivable. re-mingles gorillas and monkeys with the goal that they can be either taken to groups or set once again into nature. These creatures have been abused by people in zoos, bazaars, as pets, at vacation spots, in therapeutic tests and so on. It’s exceptionally disheartening thinking about where the primates have come from. In any case, what the philanthropy does is stunning and the “gorilla island” they have made in Almere is definitely a must see, even if just a short visit to see the chimps and find out about the phenomenal work that is being done there.


Almere Jungle


Ever want to stroll through a tropical rain forest in the Netherlands?  The Jungle has been expanded and now include more critters and exhibits. Passageway is presently €2 (with a ticket for €0.50 rebate at the bistro) with the under-2’s free.


All sorts of creatures to see here from guinea pigs to feathered creatures to mammoth fish. Incredible for infants to see and hear waterfalls and see the vegetation above them. You can purchase sacks of sustenance for turtles or potentially chickens for €0.50 at the passageway.


Keep in mind great espresso and frozen yogurt and snacks are available at the snack bar.


On the whole, a great morning/evening out (particularly in awful climate!) for the family.


The complex is great fun! It a fascinating way and see bunches of creatures. Lakes and aquariums are made in an exceptionally organic way and you can see the creatures have great conditions. Besides they are as yet building more! in an eatery alongside there you can Fair exchange items!


Fun Forest


A fun filled play area aimed for the most part at children, the Fun Forest is arranged on the grounds of De Kemphaan.


Here you will discover a wide range of climbing courses in the trees including zip lines, climbing outlines and different obstacles.


Appropriate for all ages, the rope courses have distinctive levels of risk for people of all ages and abilities.


With more than 3 hours worth of activity stuffed timberland climbing fun, Kemphaan & Fun Forest will give you some splendid recollections.


Safety gear is given and there are trained staff on duty to help at all times.


De Stadsboerderij


The City Farm in Almere was established in 1996 and is the place to visit an organic farm that grows crops and keeps cattles. The crop fields and grazing lands are scattered throughout Almere. Everything here is done in an organic manner.  De Stadsboerderij organizes educational activities for anyone interested in the farm and/or animals. There is also a farmers market every Saturday from 09:30am to 1:00pm where you can buy organic products.


This city farm is a sublime place to find some organic local food and see some local farmers at work.  Stadsboerderij homestead is overseen in a naturally well disposed way and offers a beautiful green space in Almere.


Guests can investigate the homestead, see the stables and the many steeds and dairy cattle that dwell there, stop for a moment to talk with the agriculturist or check out the selection of local goodies.


Instructional and educational course for kids help them see how imperative farms and farming is and how it can be done in an organic and environmentally conscious w