Best Amsterdam Tram Map The Best Amsterdam Tram Map is an attempt to simplify the Amsterdam Transport Map into something actually usable by a tourist in Amsterdam. The secret is that you don’t have to remember all the trams, trains and buses in Amsterdam. You only have to remember five Trams. Combined with the Best Amsterdam Tram Map, you can see almost any site in Amsterdam by using only 5 trams. The Best  5 Trams in Amsterdam 2019 Edition By saying the best five trams in Amsterdam, that isn’t to imply that they are the most traveled, go the most

The Best Amsterdam Tram Guide For Tourists The idea for the best Amsterdam tram guide for tourists was to make a simple one page guide that would get most tourists to and from the top 10 tourists sites. This guide and the Best Amsterdam Tram Map For Tourists were designed to be printed out on a double sided sheet of a paper. With one sheet of paper you could navigate to any of the top 10 Amsterdam sites without ever getting lost. Spend more time enjoying Amsterdam, and less time being lost. The chart below will tell you exactly how