2019 Amsterdam Tram Map & Guide Update

There were major changes to the GVB Tram lines and map late in 2018. Some tram lines have disappeared, like Tram 9 and Tram 10, and another has mysteriously come to life in Tram 19.

Because all the lines and tram numbers were changed up, every page of the tram maps and guides had to be updated. In addition to updating every tram map, every tram time schedule has been updated as well.

In addition, The Best Tram Map for Tourists has been updated to a 2019 edition. It now requires the use of 5 Trams instead of 4, but quite frankly you could probably use only 3 in Tram 12, Tram 7 and Tram 24 and see almost everything in the city without walking except the short walk to Anne Frank Huis.

You can find links to every tram line and their respective schedules from the Amsterdam Tram Guide.