Guide To Amsterdam

Here you find a series of link to other pages on the site that offer valuable Amsterdam travel tips and advice. All these articles were written with English speaking tourists in mind. Here you can find:

  • Amsterdam Transport Guide – Maps, routes and timetables for all GVB trams & metro lines.
  • Types of Amsterdam Travel & Museum Cards – which are the best deals and how to use the different kinds.
  • Keukenhof Gardens Maps & Information – A complete guide for the 2018 Keukenhof Gardens Tulip Show
  • Regional Rail Information – How to get from Schiphol and trains to the major day trip destinations
  • Guide to the Best Dutch Foods
  • Amsterdam Transport Guide

    Here are the links to the following major Amsterdam public transport questions. From these pages you can find more detailed information on the topic. For example the GVB Tram Guide page has links for each GVB tram line in Amsterdam. In addition there are maps of the route and time tables and schedules.

  • Best Trams To Use For Major Sites
  • GVB Tram Guide Maps
  • Free Ferry Guide
  • Amsterdam Metro Guide
  • Official Amsterdam Transport Maps – Trams – Buses -Trains
  • Amsterdam Travel Tickets & Museum Passes

    These links will help you find the right Amsterdam Travel Ticket or Amsterdam Museum Pass to suit your trip. In addition to the links here is a very quick review of the type of cards and passes and what type they are.

  • Amsterdam Travel Tickets & Museum Pass Comparison Chart
  • Best Amsterdam Travel Ticket & Museum Passes
  • The Hourly Amsterdam Cards

    Hourly passes begin the moment you first check in on a vehicle or site. The ticket is then good for a full 24, 48, or 72 hours.

  • GVB Cards
  • Holland Travel Ticket
  • iAmsterdam Card
  • Amsterdam Holland Pass
  • The Calendar Day Amsterdam Cards

    Calendar Day passes are activated anytime between 00:00 and 23:59. No matter what time of day you activate the card, that is Day 1. ALWAYS try to use a Calendar Day Travel Pass very early on the first day to get the maximum value.

  • Amsterdam Travel Ticket
  • Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket
  • The Expiration Date Amsterdam Cards

    These cards expire after a certain amount of time from purchase.

  • Museum Kaart – 31 Days
  • Amsterdam City Pass – 1 Year
  • Amsterdam Museum Pass – 1 year
  • Guide to Keukenhof Gardens 2018

    People love tulips, and Keukenhof is the place to see tulips in all their glory. The only bad thing about Keukenhof is the season is relatively short, a mere 8 weeks. The rest of the year Keukenhof Gardens are close, but Keukenhof Castle is still open. This season runs from mid March til mid may. You can find a complete guide to Keukenhof Gardens using the links below.

  • Guide to Keukenhof Gardens 2018 – Romance in Flowers
  • Keukenhof Gardens Maps
  • Keukenhof Gardens- 2018 Theme Gardens
  • Keukenhof Information
  • Guide to Amsterdam Regional Rail Trains

    If you want to go to Keukenhof, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Zaandam, Almere(shameless plug), or any other city besides Amsterdam, Regional Rail is the way to do it. You can buy single tickets or choose to get an Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket. Anyone landing in Schiphol and doing one or more side trips can benefit from the Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket. It include use of all GVB trams and metro while in Amsterdam as well as unlimited travel in North Holland and most of Flevoland, home of the Dutch dikes.

  • Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket
  • Guide to the Best Dutch foods

    A great part of traveling is getting to sample food from the countries you visit. Amsterdam is no different and has plenty of tasty treats to try no matter what your tastes. Check out our 20 Best Dutch Foods To Try and articles involving Dutch treats and recipes.

  • 20 Best Dutch Foods To Try In Amsterdam
  • Dutch Foods & Recipes