Best Amsterdam Tram Map The Best Amsterdam Tram Map is an attempt to simplify the Amsterdam Transport Map into something actually usable by a tourist in Amsterdam. The secret is that you don’t have to remember all the trams, trains and buses in Amsterdam. You only have to remember five Trams. Combined with the Best Amsterdam Tram Map, you can see almost any site in Amsterdam by using only 5 trams. The Best  5 Trams in Amsterdam 2019 Edition By saying the best five trams in Amsterdam, that isn’t to imply that they are the most traveled, go the most

Amsterdam GVB Tram Guide 2019 The Amsterdam Tram Network is run by GVB and consists of 14 different tram lines. Using the tram lines you can get almost anywhere in Amsterdam’s canal area and much of it’s suburbs. However tram travel comes with a price, it is slow and it stops quite often. But slow and steady wins the race, and the trams will always get you where you want to go eventually. The Amsterdam GVB Trams Guide is an attempt to make all the tram info a tourist needs available in one place. Each tram line and metro line

Amsterdam Tram 1 Map – GVB Lijn 1 Lijnkaart – 2019 Amsterdam Tram 1 – Tram 1 now runs east to west across Amsterdam.  It no longer stops at central station and has a completely different route. Sites: Muiderpoort Station, Leidseplein Comments: Tram 1 basically slices the rings in half. So if you get tired walking from the edge of the rings Tram 1 will get you back to Centraal. Dutch Food To Try – Saucijzenbroodje – These sausage in flaky pastry treats are in every supermarket and convenience store. They never cost more than 1 euro and are often

Amsterdam Tram 2 Map – GVB Lijn 2 Lijnkaart – 2019 Amsterdam Tram 2 – Tram 2 follows the same route as Tram 12, but heads to Amsterdam South after Rijksmuseum stop. It is very similar to Tram 12 for the tourist as Tram 2 & Tram 12 follow the same path from Centraal Station to the Museums. Tram 2 does not stop at Museumplein or Concertgebouw, but stops at a station very close to it (Van Baerlestraat). VondelPark is on the Tram 2 route. Sites: Centraal Station, Dam Square, Palace, Spui, Flower Market, Leidseplein, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Museumplein

Amsterdam Tram 3 Map – GVB Lijn 3 Lijnkaart – 2019 Amsterdam Tram 3 – Tram 3 is not really a tourist tram. It runs in a horseshoe shape outside the canal rings.  There really isn’t a great reason for the typical tourist to use Tram 3 other than Westerpark, as Tram 3 gets closest to it. Sites: Westerpark, Museumplein, Concertgebouw Comments: Only tourists with accommodations along the Tram 3 path or Westerpark visitors should use Tram 3. If you needed to take a path around the ring of Amsterdam you would most likely use Tram 10 which is closer

Amsterdam Tram 4 Map – GVB Lijn 4 Lijnkaart – 2019 Amsterdam Tram 4 – Tram 4 is a major tourist tram. It hits many of the places every tourist wants to see in Amsterdam. It runs along the west side of the Amstel River. You will probably find yourself on Tram 4 or Tram 9 at some point during your Amsterdam stay. Sites: Centraal Station, Dam Square, Palace, Spui, Rembrandtplein, Albert Cuyp Market (Stadhouderskade Station) Comments – In addition to Tram 24, Tram 4 is one of the ways to get to Albert Cuyp Market from Centraal or Dam

Amsterdam Tram 5 Map – GVB Lijn 5 Lijnkaart Amsterdam Tram 5 – Tram 5 used to be a major tourist tram.  Now it is a tram that almost no tourist would ever need.  It runs way outside the rings and serves no important sites. Sites: None Comments: Very few tourists should ever need this tram in 2019. Dutch Food To Try – Snert aka Erwtensoep – Snert, also known as Erwtensoep, is Dutch pea soup. It also has some chopped up sausage and is slightly thicker than traditional pea soup. Get some peas, ham hock, bacon, potatoes, carrots, leek,

Amsterdam Tram 7 Map – GVB Lijn 7 Lijnkaart Amsterdam Tram 7 – Tram 7 is not a typical tourist tram, but it can be used from crossing east to west or west to east once in awhile. Tourists would use it to travel between Weesperplein, Weteringcircuit, Leidseplein, & Elandsgracht. Sites: Leidseplein, Weteringcircuit (Heineken Factory is a short walk) Comments: If traveling to the Heineken Factory from Centraal or Dam Square use Tram 24 and take the stop after Weteringcircuit, just over the river and next to the factory. Dutch Food To Try – Rijstaffel – Rijstaffel is Indonesian tapas,

Amsterdam Tram 9 Map – GVB Lijn 9 Lijnkaart – 2019 Amsterdam Tram 9 – There is no Tram 9 in 2019. Sites: None Comments: N The map below is the old Tram 9 map.  There is no Tram 9 in 2019 Dutch Food To Try – Doner Kebap – Oh, Doner Kebap, you succulent Halal nymph. Many nights you were my late night companion. Thinly shaved lamb, salad, pepper and garlic sauce on a bun. If you would like it in a pita wrap, ask for a Doner Durum. Available on almost every street and corner. Print or View

Amsterdam Tram 10 Map – GVB Lijn 10 Lijnkaart – 2019 Amsterdam Tram 10 – Tram 10 no longer exists. Sites: None Comments: There is no Tram 10 in 2019.  The map below is for the old Tram 10/ Dutch Food To Try – Poffertjes – Poffertjes are little tiny pancakes served with butter and powdered sugar. They also can be served or topped with fruit and/or pancake syrup. There is a huge poffertjes grill inside De Carrousel at Weteringcircuit Tram Stop. Print or View – Amsterdam Tram 10 Timetable Schedule Lijnkaart Click here for link to Amsterdam GVB Tram