Beaches & Water Sports




Weerwater is the largest and most popular lake in Almere.  It is the place to swim, sail, surf, and in the summer it is turned into a free waterpark for kids.  Almere is a town that embraces the water and the beaches that surrounds it.  In fact, if you look closely, Almere is essentially a large island surrounded by 3 rivers to the north, east and south, and by the Markermeer to the west.


This leads to the bounty of having lots of beaches, or strand in Dutch, and Almere certainly has them.  Notice one beach is called Surfstrandje.  In Dutch, whenever a “je” is added to a noun, it means a small or little version.  So a strandje is a small beach.




Almeerderstrand is awesome beach shoreline in the locale of Almere Poort and ideal beside the A6 connect crossing into Muiderberg.


Brilliant sands extend into the waters of Ijmeer and the shoreline at Almeerderstrand remains almost untouched and is an extraordinary place to unwind.


Beach restaurant Poortdok is a brilliant place to appreciate a supper and a drink, while at the inverse end of the shoreline is the Marina Muiderzand which highlights some cool yachts and angling vessels.


For the sake of entertainment and unwinding, look no more distant than this phenomenal shoreline.




Atlantisstrand is the beach located on the Veerwater lake.  It is the home of Cablepark Almere and is the hotbed of summertime fun.  Dogs are welcome and given their own beach separate from humans so they can enjoy their canine activities and soak in the rays as well!




Surfstrandje is the beach located down in Almere Haven.  It is designed especially for swimming and surfing.  Restrooms are available and the water quality is constantly monitored.



Strandje bij Noorderplassen


This is the beach for Noorderplassen within the Lepelaarplassen area.  You can rent or hire a boat or simply enjoy a delicious meal at The Boathouse restaurant.  Or you can just grab an ice cream cone and watch the waves come in.




Sailing is a huge sporting/leisure activity in Almere.  Boating and fishing using boats with motors is also very popular since the canals allow many to keep and launch boats right at their home!


Cablepark Almere


One of the best attractions in the Weerwater, the Cablepark Almere offers the opportunity to attempt your hand at water-skiing or waterboarding.


Colossal arches hold up a course of cables that send you zooming through the water at death defying speeds.


Simple to learn for both the young and old, this truly is an amazingly fun summer time experience in the heart of Almere.


Guides are accessible to give you direction and tips, and for the individuals who need to have a go at something less heart pounding, they can enjoy stand up oar boarding.