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Bike tours

Almere bike tours on traditional, electric and Spartamet bicycles.  Almere has over 500 km of bike paths to explore!

Walking Tours

Almere walking tour takes you to all the sites in Almere Stad.  Visit the famous modern architecture that abounds in Almere Stad

Rental Bikes

Rent a standard bicycle, electric bicycle, Spartamet, or Spartamet Tandem Bicycle. Delivery & pickup in Almere included!

Food Tours

Almere Food Tour on Wednesday & Saturday.  Explore the market and try authentic Dutch food with a local expert!

Tour Guides

Local tour guides that live in Almere.  Learn about the history and sites in Almere from a local expert.

Ride a Spartamet

Almere Tours offers the only Spartamet tours in Netherlands.  Ride the classic motorized bicycle and see Almere in a whole new way!

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