Best Amsterdam Tram Map The Best Amsterdam Tram Map is an attempt to simplify the Amsterdam Transport Map into something actually usable by a tourist in Amsterdam. The secret is that you don’t have to remember all the trams, trains and buses in Amsterdam. You only have to remember five Trams. Combined with the Best Amsterdam Tram Map, you can see almost any site in Amsterdam by using only 5 trams. The Best  5 Trams in Amsterdam 2019 Edition By saying the best five trams in Amsterdam, that isn’t to imply that they are the most traveled, go the most

Amsterdam Central Station Map & Guide Amsterdam Centraal Station is the place most tourists find themselves when they arrive in the city of Amsterdam. With access to international trains, regional trains, trams, buses, and ferries, knowing where to go to catch the type of transportation you need is half the battle. Here is a simple guide to Amsterdam Station that will help you get to the right place for the transport option you need. There are several entrances and exits to Amsterdam Centraal Station, so it is easy to get lost. Most people will arrive and come down a set