Best Amsterdam Travel Pass & Tickets The best Amsterdam Travel Pass or ticket will always depend on the length of your visit and the sites you want to see. But there are several Pros and Cons of each card. There are also certain cards that you would never want to buy together. Our Amsterdam Travel Pass Ticket Comparison Chart makes seeing which card offers what really simple, but let’s look at the different cards and the types of itineraries they would be best suited for. Ride every tram, bus & train in North Holland & Almere! View the map for

The 3 day Amsterdam Region Travel Pass Ticket is mentioned on the main site, but I thought I would go into more depth and show what a value it is here on the blog. I will also explain how this card differs slightly from almost every other travel pass you may have used. It is very easy to screw up and waste a day of this card so please spend a minute or two reading through the article so you understand the specifics of this CALENDAR DAY card. There are many travel passes available, so here is a picture of

The Jodenkoeken most people are aware of come in a large yellow can made by Davelaar. Joden is the Dutch word for Jews (plural as if in a group; a single Jewish person would be a Jood, and to be Jewish is to be Joodse), and Koek is the word for biscuit/cookie (koeken is cookies). The picture on the front has two men carrying the cookies on what appears to be a stretcher in front of some ornate building and says Sinds 1883 (since 1883). Inside you will find 20 Jodenkoeken; large, thin shortbread cookies. These cookies come from an will be using the blog space as a way to discuss all thing Dutch that have nothing to do with touring Almere on a bicycle. Examples of topics for the blog may be, Great Dutch Towns to Visit, Dutch Food to Try, Why Do Dutch People Say Lekker So Often and other spine tingling tales of Dutch life. I also keep promising everyone that I will write a series of Blog posts on the DAFT treaty, which is the way for Americans and Japanese (the peanut butter and jelly of cultures…) to start a business in the Netherlands easily.