Amsterdam Travel Passes & Tickets
Amsterdam Travel Passes & Tickets

Types of Amsterdam Travel Pass Tickets Explained

What’s the difference between the Amsterdam Travel Ticket & The Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket?
What’s the difference between the iAmsterdam Card and the Museum Card?
What’s the difference between the Holland Pass and the Holland Travel Card?
Why you should NEVER pay for a museum card for a child! Check out the article Best Amsterdam Travel Passes & Tickets to learn why.

Below is a table the compares the different types of Amsterdam Travel Passes & Tickets. There are two types of tickets. Hourly tickets, and Calendar Day tickets. It is important you understand the difference between hourly and calendar day tickets and what type of ticket the pass you buy happens to be.

You can find a map for the Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket here: Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket Pass Map

Amsterdam HOURLY Travel Passes

Hourly passes begin the moment you first check in on a vehicle or site. The ticket is then good for a full 24, 48, or 72 hours.

  • GVB Card
  • Holland Travel Ticket
  • iAmsterdam Card
  • Amsterdam Holland Pass
  • Amsterdam Calendar Day Travel Passes

    Calendar Day passes are activated anytime between 00:00 and 23:59. No matter what time of day you activate the card, that is Day 1. Days end at 04:00 or 4am the next morning. But if you check in for the first time at 8 am or 11 pm, you have burned Day 1 of your card. ALWAYS try to use a Calendar Day Travel Pass very early on the first day to get the maximum value.

  • Amsterdam Travel Ticket
  • Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket
  • Amsterdam Expiration Date Cards

    These cards expire after a certain amount of time from purchase.

  • Museum Kaart – 31 Days
  • Amsterdam City Pass – 1 Year
  • Amsterdam Museum Pass – 1 year
  • Amsterdam Travel Pass Tickets Comparison Chart

    Below you will find a simple table that shows you what is include with each type of card and it’s price. The Museum Card is good for 31 days. The Amsterdam Holland Pass organizes museums into Gold or Silver levels. The different cards give you access to a different number of Gold (G) and Silver(S) museums that you choose from a list. So 1G+2S means entry into 1 Gold level Museum, and entry into 2 Silver level museums. Here is the list of Gold Level Museums, & here is the list of Silver Level Museums.

    You can click on the name of the card to be taken to its respective information page.

    Amsterdam Travel Pass & Ticket Guide

    Card Price Unlimited travel in Amsterdam Amsterdam to/from Airport Unlimited travel in Region Rijksmuseum Anne Frank Other Museums Canal Cruise
    GVB Card 24hr:€7.50
    YES No No No No No No
    Amsterdam Travel Ticket 24hr:€16
    YES YES No No No No No
    Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket 24hr:€18.50
    YES YES YES No No No No
    Holland Travel Ticket 24hr only
    24hr off-peak €39
    24hrpeak €59
    YES YES YES – All of Netherlands No No No No
    iAmsterdam card 24hr:€57
    YES No No No No YES YES
    Amsterdam Holland Pass 1G+2S:€40
    No No One Day Unlimited additional €19 YES No YES YES
    Museumkaart €59.90 31 Days
    Children (0-18) €32.45
    No No No YES YES YES No
    Amsterdam City Pass Adult:€38.50
    No YES No Skip-the-Line
    Rijksmuseum OR
    Van Gogh Museum
    No No YES
    Amsterdam Museum Pass Adult:€59
    No YES No Skip-the-Line
    Rijksmuseum AND
    Van Gogh Museum
    No No YES