Amsterdam GVB Tram 13 Map – Lijn 13 – 2019

Amsterdam Tram 13 Map – GVB Lijn 13 Lijnkaart – 2019

Amsterdam Tram 13 – Tram 13 serves Centraal Station & Anne Frank Huis, then starts to head out to Rembrandtpark. There are some hotels along this path, but other than Rembrandtpark, there is not much need to be on Tram 13 once past Elandsgracht

Sites: Centraal Station, Anne Frank Huis, Rembrandtpark

Comments: Tram 13 shares a route with Tram 17 through the rings, and then heads out to Rembrandtpark. Tram 13 passes north of Rembrandtpark while Tram 17 Passes on the south side of Rembrandt Park.

Dutch Food To Try – Appeltaart – Ah, appeltaart…..Dutch Appeltaart is more an Apple Cake than an Apple Pie, but it is delicious. The US version is called Jewish Apple Cake. The best Appeltaart in town is at Winkel 43, not far from the Westermarkt tram stop.

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Below you find the complete Amsterdam Tram Line 13 Map


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