Amsterdam GVB Tram Guide 2019 The Amsterdam Tram Network is run by GVB and consists of 14 different tram lines. Using the tram lines you can get almost anywhere in Amsterdam’s canal area and much of it’s suburbs. However tram travel comes with a price, it is slow and it stops quite often. But slow and steady wins the race, and the trams will always get you where you want to go eventually. The Amsterdam GVB Trams Guide is an attempt to make all the tram info a tourist needs available in one place. Each tram line and metro line

Amsterdam Tram 13 Map – GVB Lijn 13 Lijnkaart – 2019 Amsterdam Tram 13 – Tram 13 serves Centraal Station & Anne Frank Huis, then starts to head out to Rembrandtpark. There are some hotels along this path, but other than Rembrandtpark, there is not much need to be on Tram 13 once past Elandsgracht Sites: Centraal Station, Anne Frank Huis, Rembrandtpark Comments: Tram 13 shares a route with Tram 17 through the rings, and then heads out to Rembrandtpark. Tram 13 passes north of Rembrandtpark while Tram 17 Passes on the south side of Rembrandt Park. Dutch Food To

Amsterdam Tram 17 Map – GVB Lijn 17 Lijnkaart – 2019 Amsterdam Tram 17 – Tram 17 is a lot like Tram 13 as it winds its way from Centraal Station to Elandsgracht. It then takes a slightly more southern route than Tram 13. Like Tram 13, Tram 17 is mostly good for its connection from Centraal Station to Anne Frank Huis. Sites: Centraal Station, Anne Frank Huis Comments: Very similar to Tram 13. If you are wanting to go to Anne Frank Huis to or from Centraal Station jump on Tram 17 or Tram 13. Get off both at

Amsterdam Tram 24 Map – GVB Lijn 24 Lijnkaart Amsterdam Tram 24 – Cutting Amsterdam’s canal rings in half, Tram 24 is a great Tram route. From Centraal Station straight through to Albert Cuyp Market, with stops at Dam, Spui, & the Heineken factory. Sites: Centraal Station, Dam Square, Palace, Spui, Flower Market, Heineken Factory, Albert Cuyp Market Comments: Tram 24 is an excellent path through the heart of Amsterdam. Switching at Spui, you can jump onto Tram 14 to hit Anne Frank Huis and Rembrandtplein. Dutch Food To Try – Stroopwafel – Stroopwafels are two cinnamon brown sugar cookies

Amsterdam Tram 26 Map – GVB Lijn 26 Lijnkaart Amsterdam GVB Tram 26 – Tram 26 serves the people who live in IJburg, the islands just off the northeast “coast” of Amsterdam on the IJmeer. This area is along the cruise ship docking area, but is mostly meant for Amsterdam citizen who make their home along the IJmeer. Sites: Centraal Station, IJmeer Comments: Either you have a definitive reason for needing to be on Tram 26, or you do not. No reason to get on this Tram unless you specifically need to. Dutch Food To Try – Dutch Raw Herring