Keukenhof Garden Map

Keukenhof Garden Maps

The layout of Keukenhof Gardens changes a bit over time, but the major features stay the same. Most visitors only want to see the garden, but there is more to Keukenhof to see including the nearly 400 year old Kasteel Keukenhof. Below you will find area maps for Keukenhof Gardens including an official Keukenhof Gardens 2017 Map(the 2018 map has not been published yet). Click on any map to see a full sized image.

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  • Keukenhof Gardens Map
    Keukenhof Gardens Map

    Willem-Alexander Pavilion
    The Willem-Alexander Pavilion is tulip heaven. What most people don’t realize is that it is also Lily heaven in the last 10 days or so of each season. With over 15,000 lilies in over 300 varieties, this little known part of Keukenhof is worth seeing if you happened to missed tulip season.

    Oranje-Nassau Pavilion
    Oranje-Nassau offers a new flower show each week. This is where the best come to be judged and the type of flowers being judged and displayed changes every week.
    This flower pavilion is located at the heart of the thirty-two hectare springtime garden, the place to see spring burst into flower. The shows in the other flower pavilions, the Beatrix Pavilion and the Prince Willem-Alexander Pavilion, have a more permanent exhibits.

    Beatrix Pavilion
    If you like orchids, the Beatrix Pavilion is the place for you. This is quite possibly the most beautiful orchid display in all of Europe. Make sure you budget at least an hour or so for the orchids as they shouldn’t be missed. The walk from Beatrix to the Windmill includes a hidden Japanese garden. Have a tea by the greenhouses or grab some poffertjes, small bite sized pancakes with butter and powdered sugarm from the cart near the playground.

    Julianna Pavilion
    The Julianna Pavilion teaches visitors about the history of the tulip. From the earliest trading of tulips to 17th Century tulip mania and economic bubble and the role of the tulip today as an icon of Holland and spring. You can learn more about the origin of the tulip in the historic garden.

    Wilhamena Pavilion
    If you want to sit down and eat in a food court like atmosphere, then Wilhamena Pavilion is the place to do so. Not really much else to see or do here.

    Irene Pavilion
    This was the old entrance to Keukenhof. Now it is being developed to be part of the garden and its role will be defined over the coming years. Perhaps it will be for a special annual display or yet another exhibit.

    Molen mean windmill in Dutch so Keukenhofmolen is the simply the big windmill in the garden. This place can get really crowded as everyone fights for the perfect picture or selfie. Try to hit the windmill first thing in the morning or the last thing before the park closes in order to get some time and space for your series of Windmill shots.

    Keukenhof Area Map

    Keukenhof Area Map
    Keukenhof Area Map

    Keukenhof Aerial Map

    Keukenhof Aerial Map
    Keukenhof Aerial Map