Welcome to the AlmereTours.com Blog

Almeretours.com will be using the blog space as a way to discuss all thing Dutch that have nothing to do with touring Almere on a bicycle. Examples of topics for the blog may be, Great Dutch Towns to Visit, Dutch Food to Try, Why Do Dutch People Say Lekker So Often and other spine tingling tales of Dutch life. I also keep promising everyone that I will write a series of Blog posts on the DAFT treaty, which is the way for Americans and Japanese (the peanut butter and jelly of cultures…) to start a business in the Netherlands easily. It also gives you 2 years of residency so it is a great option for any freelancer wanting to see Europe.

In addition to the mindless ramblings of the author, the blog will also be used to announce big events coming to Almere, or traditional events we hold every year here. If you can plan a trip to Amsterdam at the same time as a Dutch holiday, you get the bonus of participating in a National Holiday. Next weekend Sinterklaas, Santa Claus, arrives in the Netherlands! And let me tell you, Sinterklaas is a rock star here in Holland! You may know the song Santa Claus is coming to town, but here in Netherlands Sinterklaas actually DOES come to almost every town. And he rocks the joint with concerts, music, singing, waving, Sinterklaasing and holiday cheer.

Finally the blog may be used to promote travel and tourism through Netherlands and Europe. Before settling in Almere, we visited almost every European country, and each of them have their own unique charms and memories. While we would hope that you would like to include Almere in your European adventure, many of you will not. That will not stop us from sharing other great cities and countries to visit or investigate for your trip to Europe. Perhaps one day after your bucket list is complete you will come to Almere and explore our unique city. It is quite unlike almost every other town in the world since it was planned and it didnt exist before 1975!

Thank you for visiting AlmereTours.com. Feel free to drop us an email or give us a call if you would like more information about Almere, Amsterdam, or Holland.


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