Amsterdam Metro Line 50 Map – Lijn 50

Amsterdam Metro Line 50 Map

Lijn 50 – Isolator to Gein

Lijn 50 – Line 50 on the Amsterdam Metro runs on the outskirts of the city and connects the major event centers RAI & Amsterdam Arena. Line 50 will get you to Amsterdam Zuid Station, Amsterdam RAI convention center & Amsterdam Arena. It is really only good for popping between event centers as it does not go to Centraal Station.

Major Stops – Amsterdam Zuid, RAI, Amsterdam Arena.

Transfers – To get to Centraal from Line 50 transfer at OVERAMSTEL (51 or 54), RAI(51 or 54), or AMSTERDAM ARENA (54).

Comments – This is a line that runs west to east on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Since it does not go to Centraal Station it will have limited value or appeal to tourists.

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Print or View – Amsterdam Metro Line 50 Timetable Schedule Lijnenkaart
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Below you find the complete Amsterdam Metro Line 50 Map along with a map showing where Amsterdam Arena is located along the route.

Amsterdam Metro Line 50 Map
Amsterdam Metro Line 50 Map


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