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4 Hours
Almere Centrum

See Lepelaarplassen, Oostvaardersplassen and the dikes of Flevoland from the comfort of a mini-van or sedan.

Dikes & Oostvaardersplassen Chauffeured Tour


For those interested in the dikes of Flevoland, and Oostvaardersplassen, the huge nature reserve the dikes inadvertently created, then this chauffeured tour is for you. We ride along the dikes that surround Almere, part of the huge dike infrastructure that created the world’s largest man made island, Flevoland. These dikes are what allow us to live about 3 meters BELOW sea level in Almere. At certain points along the dikes you can be up to 6 meters below sea level. Looking up at a 20 foot hill and realizing that is the only thing keeping the ocean from washing you away can be a daunting and impressive sight.

We will follow the dikes up to Trekvogel, the information center for Lepelaarplassen, and Oostvaardersplassen. Here you can watch a 20 minute movie that explain the history of the dikes and the process that was used to create Flevoland. Don’t worry it’s available in several languages so you don’t have to study Dutch before watching it. Once here we will tour Oostvaardersplassen, where wild horse roam free in the heart of Almere. We will also make a stop at the Pumping Stations of Flevoland. These pumping stations not only were what drained the sea from Flevoland, they are what helps to get rid of all the rain we get in the Netherlands. Without the pumping stations, the rain would eventually put much of Flevoland back underwater.  



  • Gooimeerdijk
  • Oostvaardersdijk
  • De Trekvogel
  • Lepelaarplassen
  • Oostvaardersplassen
  • Birds of every feather
  • Wild horses roaming free if we get lucky!
DEPARTURE TIME 9am Please arrive 15 minutes before departure.
TOUR LENGTH Approximately 4 Hours
REQUIREMENTS Be prepared to see the real Netherlands!

Comfortable clothing & appropriate footwear

No smoking in the vehicle please

Tour Guide Dikes
Oostvaardersplasen De Trekvogel


Transportation to Almere Centrum Station
Guide gratuity



11:45AM – 12:00 PM: Preparations for Tour

Before the tour starts we have a simple meet and greet., as well as address any pre tour questions or requests.


12:00 PM – 12:45 PM: Almere Stad

We will check out the architecture of Almere Stad and see some of the unique things that only a planned city can have.  Like trash cans that suck the trash away like giant vacuums!


12:45PM – 1:30 PM: Almere Stad to De Trekvogel

We head out of Almere Stad along the Gooimeerdijk and over to the Oostvaardersdijk. With the sea on our left we drive up to De Trekvogel, the info center for Oostvaardersplassen.  


1:30 PM – 2.30 PM: A Tour of Oostvaardersplassen

We will spend an hour or so touring Oostvaardersplassen learning about the animals that make their home in Flevoland.


2:30 PM – 3:30 PM: Pumping Station- The secret of the dikes

After exploring Oostvaardersplassen, we will head over to the Flevoland Pumping Stations. These massive pumps are what pumped out all the sea water and allowed Flevoland to be reclaimed land. Now they regulate the amount of water both in and out of the province.
If it rain too much, some water gets pumped out. If it is dry, water is pumped in so the swans have the correct depth of water for traveling and living in our canals.


2:30 PM – 3:30 PM: Pumping Station to Almere Stad

Leaving the pumping station we will head back to Almere with the nature reserve on one side. A second chance to get a glimpse at a pack of wild horses frolicking in the Almere sun.


4:00 PM: Return

Tour ends back at Almere Centrum Station.  From here you can tour the City Mall and grab dinner.  Grab a bus to Kemphaan, or take the train to Amsterdam and other parts of the Netherlands wilderness.

De TrekVogel
Pumping Stations Flevoland

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