Year Round
3 Hours
Almere Centrum

Ride a Spartamet along a dijk and see the spectacular Flevoland nature preserve including our wild horses. Learn about the history of Flevoland, and the creatures that live there.

The Northern Dike & Oostvaardersplassen tour is one of two tours we offer that combine a bicycle tour of Almere Stad with a ride through the countryside and along one of our beautiful dikes.


  • Almere Stad – A look at some of Almere’s famous architecture.  Insight into the unique advantages of a planned city.
  • Noorderplassen – The edge of the Laplaarplassen with scenic views
  • Oostvaardersdijk – This is the dijk that keeps the IJmeer sea at bay.
  • Trekvogel – The visitors center for exploring the nature reserve.
DEPARTURE TIME 3pm Please arrive 15 minutes before departure.
TOUR LENGTH Approximately 2.5 Hours
REQUIREMENTS Must be 16 with VALID Driver’s License to drive Snorfiets.

Comfortable clothing & appropriate footwear

Tour Guide Dijk
Scenic Nature Transportation on Snorfiets
Transportation to Almere Centrum Station
Guide gratuity


3:00 PM Itinerary


2:45PM – 3:00 PM: Preparations for Tour

Before the tour starts there are a few things to do.

  • Meet & Greet.
  • Sign rental agreement & show valid ID/License
  • Instruction on basic Snorfiets operation and safety


3:00 PM – 3:30 PM: Almere Stad

We will talk a quick walking tour to check out the architecture of Almere Stad and see some of the unique things that only a planned city can have.  Like trash cans that suck the trash away like giant vacuums! Much of Almere Stad City mall is a bike free zone so this quick walking tour will quickly familiarize you with the city center area.  After the tour you can go back to the shop or restaurant you saw during this quick walking tour.


3:30 PM – 4:00 PM: Almere Stad to Noorderplassen

After seeing the Almere Stad center area, we will pick up the bikes and ride over to Noorderplassen.  This area is on the border of The Laplaarplassen, a huge nature reserve.


4:00 PM – 4:30 PM: Noorderplassen to Trekvogel

We travel along the Oostvaarderdijk.  The IJmeer will be to our left and the Laplaarplassen nature preserve on our right.  On windy days, the little Spartamet engine on the bike is a huge help!


4:30 PM – 5:00 PM: Trekvogel

We will park the bikes and spend 30 minutes at Trekvogel.  There is a 20 minute film about how Flevoland was created for those interested.  Or you may wander around the signed paths and explore a small portion of the nature reserve.


5:00 PM - 5:30 PM: TrekVogel to Almere Stad

We head back to Almere stad with a quick tour around the Noorderplassen Lake.  Then a quick ride back to Almere Centrum to end our tour.


5:30 PM: Almere Centrum

Tour ends back at Almere Centrum Station.  From here you can walk and tour the City Mall.  Grab a bus to Kemphaan, or take the train to Amsterdam and other parts of the Netherlands wilderness.

Northern Dijk Tour
Spartamet Almere Dock
Spartamet Cablepark Almere
Almere White Bridge